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Chico Bean Net Worth 2022 | Real Name,Age,Height,Wife,Daughter



chico bean net worth

As of 2022, the comedian Chico Bean net worth is approximately $5 Million. Chico Bean is a fantastic Stand-up comedian, writer, rapper, and producer. He got recognition for his performance in the comedy show “Wild’ n Out.” His performance was appreciated and loved by many audiences. He also produced many hit tv shows, which gives him the label of the best producer in the world.

Comedy was the passion of Chico Bean since childhood. He followed his passion, and now through his painstaking efforts, he is the finest comedian in the American comedy industry.


NameChico Bean
Real NameAnthony Jamal Bean
BirthdayFebruary 20, 1987
BirthplaceWashington, DC, US
Height5 ft 9 In
Weight90 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
EducationNorth Carolina University
MotherTawanda Beans
Martial StatusSingle
DaughterPierce Chanel
Zodiac SignPisces
Net worth$5 Million
TwitterChico DasMyVitch

Real Name

The real name of  Chico Bean is Anthony Jamal Bean. Chico Bean is his stage name given to him by his uncle.

Early Life

Anthony Jamal Bean Aka Chico Bean birthdate is February 20, 1987. His birthplace or origin is Washington, DC. His mother’s name is Tawanda Beans, and his father’s name is unknown. At the age of two, his father was murdered, leaving him and his mother forlorn. He had a troublesome and challenging early life. Even after this traumatic past, he didn’t let depression and violence overcome him but kept a positive outlook on life.

He attended high school and went to North Carolina University for his Graduation.

Age, Height & Weight

Chico Bean is 35 years old as he was born in 1987. His height is 5 ft 9 In or 1.87m and weighs around 90 kg. As he was born in February, therefore his zodiac sign is Pisces.


Chico Bean Career

Chico Bean was always passionate about comedy. He enjoyed being the reason for people’s laughter. He started his career in 2007. In his university days, he used to do comedy in clubs around his university. Then, he got a golden opportunity to serve as an opener for a comedy show hosted by Chris Wiles. Later, with his colleagues, he formed a traveling-based comedy show, “FreeStyle Comedy Show,” which got immense popularity and love from the audience.

Then, he joined the “Fresh Faces of Stand Up Comedy” show which accelerated his career growth, as Nick Cannon approached him at this show.

After this, on encouragement from Nick Cannon, he auditioned for MTV show “Wild’ n Out” 5th season, in which he got selected. This was a huge step, as this boosted his career. He gained fame for this role worldwide, as he is one of this season’s favorites. Initially, his character was supposed to be for just three days, but seeing his popularity, he became one of the core members of the show.

In season 7, he made a comeback for this show. His rap battles with his fellow rappers “Safaree” and “Karlous Miller” were significantly loved by the audience. He proved himself as a great rapper as well, in addition to being a comedian as well. With his uprising fame and being one of the vital cast members, he appeared in every episode of every season.

Besides “Wild ‘n Out,” he worked on a project named “The James Davis Project,” which was a mega-hit too. He was also the writer of that show.

Because of his promising future, he was once nominated for the hip-hop award in 2019.

Chico Bean Education

Chico Bean has always been a bright student. Despite his difficult childhood, he continued his study. He got his primary education from his district school in Washington, then he opted North Carolina University for his Graduation.

Chico Bean Family

Chico Bean is the only child of his parents. He lost his father in a shooting incident at the tender age of 2. Like his father, his seven blood relatives were also killed in such incidents. His mother, Tawanda Beans, was his sole support in his childhood. She had to work hard to fulfill his needs. Despite his complicated childhood, he grew up as an optimistic person loved by many.

Chico Bean Wife and Daughter

Chico Bean is currently single and not interested in relationships at the moment. He wants to focus on his career. He has a daughter from his ex-girlfriend, whom he loves too much. His daughter’s name is Pierce Chanel and she is his love and life.

Chico Bean with his daughter Pierce Chanel

Their relationship is heartwarming. He shares pictures with her on his social media handles frequently.

Chico Bean Hairs

Chico Beans does not have many hairs on his head; thus, people can see his baldness. He likes to wear caps, and his Instagram pictures are proof of it.

Chico Beans House and Cars

Chico Bean is living a luxurious lifestyle. He has a drool-worthy collection of cars. He owns a Cadillac luxury car worth $ 40,000 approximately . He lives in his dream house, which he bought with his hard earned money.

Chico Bean Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Chico Bean net worth is $ 5 Million. The initial source of his income is comedy and TV shows. He is also a rapper. He earns money by collaborating with others either for a rap or comedy shows. His talent also includes writing skills. He charges for writing scripts too.

Most importantly, he is also a well-known producer and earns money by producing films or shows. All in all, he is making from any source he can. This justifies his great fortune.

FAQ’s about Chico Bean

1:How old is Chico Bean?

Chico Bean is 35 years old. His birthdate is February 20, 1987.

2:How tall is Chico Bean?

He is 5 ft, 7 In tall, and weighs approximately 90 kg.

3:What is Chico Bean worth?

Chico Bean’s worth in the year 2022 is $ 5 Million.

4:What is the Name Chico Bean daughter?

Chico Bean Daughter’s name is Pierce Chanel.


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